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The Memphremagog Bill Koch Club is about kids having fun on skis!   

No Bill Koch Skiing  for Tuesday Mar 2, with programming for kids and adults over age 6.  Smaller kids welcome but need to have their own adults along to pick them up.  

WHAT is Bill Koch?: 

The Memphremagog Bill Koch Ski Club is all about kids having fun on skis!  There are Bill Koch clubs all over the country (Bill Koch remains the only American to have medaled in Nordic and lives in  southern Vermont).  We allow kids of virtually  any age, but if your child is under 6 years old, you or a designated friend needs to be there to help them.  Lots of adults enjoy skiing with us also, you are invited! 


We meet at the lower field of the Primeau trail section at:  3892 Darling Hill Road.  There is a plowed parking lot down into the field. 


Tuesday afternoons as soon as we can get moving after school, generally about 3:45 p.m.   We go until 5:00 p.m. and generally start the first Tuesday in January if snow permits. (But not New Year's day!). Signup at any of the ski rental days or via email . 


 Bill Koch membership is $10 per child, (Free if parents are  MSTF members).  Season rentals for children are about $20 depending on what they get. 


We support racing but few of our kids get into that.  There are races around northern Vermont virtually every weekend for those who want to compete.  To race elsewhere kids have to join NENSA which is the New England umbrella organization (click here for details).

 Weather: We cancel for temps under 5 or wind chill under minus10. Our grooming is good and the skiing is often very good when you might not have guessed it - don't give up just because you see a little rain in the forecast. 

Check the  website at the Bill Koch page to find out is skiing is on for the week.  I make a decision by 8 PM on the night before . 

 Clothes: Kids tend to come overdressed. It is ideal to send them in layers - a rain jacket over fleece.  If there is one thing to invest in, it is thin or medium thickness  wool socks that are stretchy enough and long enough to avoid bunching down into the ski boots. 

 Lost and found: We keep a past and current box at the rental barn. Last year's items are open season for kids who show up without. 

 Snacks:  We are not supplying snacks or drinks due to Covid.  I recommend that kids come with their own water bottle, eat a snack on the way, and maybe carry a granola bar or piece of fruit.

 Families joining in:  Families are welcome (please join MSTF and enjoy the trails all year long!)  but you must have skis or snowshoes on the trails. 

Memphremagog Ski Touring Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.                     PO Box 1457, Newport, VT 05855

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